Why Screen Facts


Process Driven,

Technology Enabled,

Value Creator,

Customer Experience

Why Screen Facts

Our services provide comprehensive results that help employers reduce workplace Violence, theft, substance abuse and negligent hiring abilities. Details such as employment history, educational qualifications and several other personal and behavioural information’s are captured. We fully understand the complexity and criticality that employers face to select the right candidate. We give you the insight you need to uncover unknown facts quickly.

We work on the principle of 3Cs

  • ISO 27001:2013 and Nasscom National Skills Registry certified
  • One of the leading Background Screening Services in India.
  • PAN India reach with covering around 500+ locations covering A, B & C category cities.
  • Corporate office in Gurgaon and Centralized operation Center in Gurgaon with a nation-wide presence and Sales office in 5 Key Locations.
  • Led by a Management Team that has years of experience managing large service organizations.
  • Screen Facts Services Pvt. Ltd. has one of the most advanced online technology platform in the industry to manage all its operational work-flows online i.e. total paperless work flow.

We at Screen Facts put Accountability as core to our Organisation DNA. Accountability is embedded into our organisation culture by making it a responsibility of every team member, establishing meaningful goals, empowering teams, building trust and collaborative behaviour.


At Screen Facts we believe in building a Process Driven organisation. We have implemented Process driven principles thereby enabling us to sharpen our processes, operate seamlessly and efficiently, institutionalise knowledge and create high value for client and customers.


Screen Facts we have always believed that Technology is a key enabler for effectiveness, scalability and enhanced customer / client experience. We have backed our processes and operations with the right set of systems and technology interfaces which help us to operate efficiently, manage and control effectively, report and communicate with our clients and customers.


At Screen Facts we have always believed in making a difference to our clients and customers. We sought out on this journey as a value enabler and we are changing gears to be a Value Creator. We understand, becoming a Value Creator doesn’t happen overnight rather is a transformational journey demanding high investment of time, effort, mind shift, build credibility and earn trust of our clients, partners and customers. The good thing is that we have embarked on this journey with our full conviction, zeal, energy and hardship. We suggest to take a look at our portfolio of services which is now offering many more opportunities and expertise to create value for our esteemed clients.


At Screen Facts we believe in going beyond Customer Service and deliver our clients a unique experience. We have institutionalised CRM practices in our front end processes and back end operations to provide our client the right kind of experience from the beginning and convert the relationship to an endearing and profitable one for the client as well as for us.