Document Examination services are widely used to establish the authenticity of documents under consideration as well as for identification of document forgery. Document Examination involves examining documents whose source or authenticity is in dispute. Typical examples may include identification of original / fake documents, handwriting and signature verification, typewriting comparisons, document tampering and alterations and examination of any other mark of importance related to document identity.


Fraud whether financial or non-financial can be severely damaging to any company if not traced and stopped. If your company is facing any kind of risk or challenges pertaining to any type of fraud, our expert services can help to investigate the fraud and narrow down and detect the individual or set of individuals involved in the fraud. Our Fraud Investigation services deals in investigation of Frauds in Banks, Corporates, Private Firms and Companies.


Screen Facts provides expertise services in investigations pertaining to Fire Insurance Claims, Health Insurance Claims, Life Insurance Claims, Accident Claims, Vehicle Insurance thereby enabling insurance companies to work on the claim based on facts and evidences.


Audio Video authentication services helps in performing examination and verification of any audio and video files, identification of any tampering to audio and / or video etc. Audio / Video Authentication process is used to examine and verify the authenticity of audio / video files / clips and verifies that the audio/video recorded using it has not been tampered/altered/doctored