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Screen Facts provides quality employment background verification services and is the core business of the company. We can package a solution tailored to your company's needs from the following services, designing a program to improve your hiring process and results. This will help mitigate the risk of operational losses which can occur due to bad hiring.


B – Banned Substances Check

5 Drug Panel Check

9 Drug Panel Check



R – Risk Mitigation Checks

Police Records Check

Database & Media Checks

Credit Records Check


I – Identity Checks

Physical Address Check

Passport Check

Pan Card Check


C – Credential Checks

Qualification Check

Employment Check

Reference Check

Address Check
Physical address check of the employees' residence is conducted by way of personal visits through our field staff. Discreet check on the employees' behaviour and perception held amongst fellow residents in his residential area is also carried out.
Qualification Check
Academic and or Professional qualification is verified from concerned College/Institute or University. The verification is done by way of an acknowledgement from the competent authority or by way of written letter confirming the educational details presented for verification.
Employment Check
The company conducts a thorough check in terms of the designation / job role, duration of the employment, salary, reason of leaving/termination, etc. of the said employee from the ex-employer.
Police Records Check
The company carries out Criminal background check through checking of the candidate details from Police records.
Banned Substances Check
The company carries out test through reputed Labs for Banned Substances ranging from Cocaine to Amphetamines.
Database & Media Checks
The company uses Local & Internation databases and de-duplicates the name for possible adverse matches.
Reference Check
Supplied references are asked pre-designed list of questions.
Pre & Post Employment Background Verification works in four critical ways:
  • Just by having background verification, discourages applicants with something to hide. A person with a criminal record or false resume will simply apply to a company that does not carry out background verification.
  • It limits uncertainty in the hiring process. Although using instinct in the hiring process can be important, basing a decision on hard information is even better.
  • A screening program demonstrates professionalism, that an employer has exercised due-diligence in its hiring process.
  • Having a screening program encourages applicants, to be forth coming in their interviews.
Employment Screening is a must for all organizations because of statistical facts on Fake & Fraudulent Job seekers. There are also regulatory requirements in vogue and expected in future which warrants Employee Screening.
Few Facts Pertaining to Prospective Employees:
  • In India 15 – 24 % of resumes are faked.
  • 1 in 3 CV’s misrepresent facts
  • 15 – 17 % in ITE’s / IT industry have discrepancies in the records.
Regulatory Reasons why you need to do Employee Screening:
  • Regulatory Authorities across the world are now looking at making Employee Verification a mandatory requirement.
  • Sarbenes Oxley act has mandated Indian Companies catering to USA, re-look their Fraud Risk assessment of which Employee Screening is an in-separable component.
  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority has mandated banks to do Employment Screening for all Managers.
  • SEBI in India has attempted to raise Risk Management in Indian Companies through Clause 49.
  • Banks as part of Basel II framework will need to put in place a robust perational Risk framework, of which people risk is the most critical component.
The statistics on the consequences of even one bad hire are chilling. The financial costs to businesses from theft, misappropriation and false credentials can be enormous. There are other costs that are hard to measure such as harm to employee morale and the firm’s reputation.

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