Why Screen Facts

Few Facts Pertaining to Prospective Employees


We at Screen Facts put Accountability as core to our Organisation DNA. Accountability is embedded into our organisation culture by making it a responsibility of every team member, establishing meaningful goals, empowering teams, building trust and collaborative behaviour.

Process Driven

At Screen Facts we believe in building a Process Driven organisation. We have implemented process driven principles thereby enabling us to sharpen our processes, operate seamlessly and efficiently, institutionalise knowledge and create high value for client and customers.

Technology Enabled

At Screen Facts we have always believed that Technology is a key enabler for effectiveness, scalability and enhanced customer / client experience. We have backed our processes and operations with the right set of systems and technology interfaces which help us to operate efficiently, manage and control effectively, report and communicate with our clients and customers.

Customer Experience

At Screen Facts we believe in going beyond customer service and deliver our clients a unique experience. We have institutionalised CRM practices in our front end processes and back end operations to provide our client the right kind of experience from the beginning and convert the relationship to an endearing and profitable one for the client as well as for us.