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SCREENFACTS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED was formed with the objective to provide Employment Background Verification services for Corporates. We offer comprehensive background check of prospective and existing candidates for employers. We utilize Criminal & Regulatory databases for enhanced due diligence over and above the screening and verification as regards Place of Residence, General Behaviour / Perception of the candidate, Academic / Professional Education, Previous Employment and Criminal Background Verification.

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We at Screen Facts put Accountability as core to our Organisation DNA. Accountability is embedded into our organisation culture by making it a responsibility of every team member, establishing meaningful goals, empowering teams, building trust and collaborative behaviour.

Process Driven

At Screen Facts we believe in building a Process Driven organisation. We have implemented process driven principles thereby enabling us to sharpen our processes, operate seamlessly and efficiently, institutionalise knowledge and create high value for client and customers.

Technology Enabled

At Screen Facts we have always believed that Technology is a key enabler for effectiveness, scalability and enhanced customer / client experience. We have backed our processes and operations with the right set of systems and technology interfaces which help us to operate efficiently, manage and control effectively, report and communicate with our clients and customers.

Customer Experience

At Screen Facts we believe in going beyond customer service and deliver our clients a unique experience. We have institutionalised CRM practices in our front end processes and back end operations to provide our client the right kind of experience from the beginning and convert the relationship to an endearing and profitable one for the client as well as for us.

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Our Services

BRIC – Employment Background Checks

Document & Handwriting Examination

Document Examination services are widely used to establish the authenticity of documents under consideration as well as for identification of document forgery. Document Examination involves examining documents whose source or authenticity is in dispute.


Screen Facts provides expertise services in investigations pertaining to Fire Insurance Claims, Health Insurance Claims, Life Insurance Claims, Accident Claims, Vehicle Insurance thereby enabling insurance companies to work on the claim based on facts and evidences.


Any organization's success depends on their employee’s performance and so it becomes extremely important for organizations to hire the candidate with the right set of values, integrity, better qualification, proven performance record.

Police Records Check

The company carries out Criminal background check through checking of the candidate details from Police records.

Banned Substances Check

Screen Facts carries out test through reputed Laboratories for banned substances ranging from Cocaine to Amphetamines.

Database & Media Checks

Screen Facts uses Local and International databases and de-duplicates the name for possible adverse matches.

Supplier / Vendor Screening

Suppliers and vendors touch almost every part of the business and hence are critical to the success of any organisation. While organisations have a fairly fine process for on-boarding a supplier / vendor, a falsely procured supplier/ vendor can lead to lot of risks to the business. Our Supplier / Vendor screening capabilities can help to screen them with facts and evidences for reducing risks and improving on-boarding quality.

Audio Video authentication

Audio Video authentication services helps in performing examination and verification of any audio and video files, identification of any tampering to audio and / or video etc. Audio / Video Authentication process is used to examine and verify the authenticity of audio / video files / clips and verifies that the audio/video recorded using it has not been tampered/altered/doctored


Screen Facts focuses in creating value for its clients. In line with this objective we offer niche consulting services to Clients and help them solve problems for efficiency and quality improvement, improve their business value and deliver to promises. Our experts employ structured methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma and other Quality practices to help clients overcome the various challenges of their businesses .


We provide trainings on insurance domain skill sets

Cyber Analysis

Cyber Analysis services deals in identifying cyber frauds and crimes like Fake Account Identification, Account hacking, Online Frauds, Data theft and security issues, Spam Email tracking and source identification.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud whether financial or non-financial can be severely damaging to any company if not traced and stopped. If your company is facing any kind of risk or challenges pertaining to any type of fraud, our expert services can help to investigate the fraud and narrow down and detect the individual or set of individuals involved in the fraud. Our Fraud Investigation services deals in investigation of Frauds in Banks, Corporates, Private Firms and Companies.

Money Laundering Prevention

Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted by the NDA government to prevent money-laundering and to provide for confiscation of property derived from money-laundering.

Personal Safety & Security

Work related violence and aggression is defined as 'any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work' and can and does occur in all walks of life. In this interactive workshop we focus on principles and avoidance strategies that can be applied in the real world.

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